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  1.  Do you own or manage a business?

  2.  Are you struggling to keep up with all the tasks you are required to complete?

  3.  Are you struggling to keep up with current working requirements and legislations?

  4.  When you do finally have some free time, are you constantly thinking about the massive list of work that will be waiting for you?


Hire a VA Or Try To  Clone Yourself!

You are right at a difficult point in a small business where you need to hire an extra staff member but you cannot afford it or the thought of dealing with employees seems too daunting.
You may have even tried to hire a VA before but you could only find overseas-based ones and you were not sure if they would be suitable for the work that you need to be done.
You do not have the time to be double-checking the work to ensure it is up to standard.


If you can relate to this, have you thought of working with a reliable Australian virtual assistant?
Yes, there are numerous virtual assistants out there, but finding a qualified and reliable Australian assistant can be difficult. 

Hi, I am Kara!

I am so glad that you found me.
I run KPV Bookkeeping and Administration and I can help your business go to the next step.


Quality service from the right person

Allow me to bring balance in your business and help you achieve the success you seek.
Talk to me about your business, which areas you are having difficulties in, and I will find you the right solutions. 

You cannot do it alone when it comes to managing your business. While you may be great at helping your clients have better lives or even helping them to grow their businesses...But what about you? Why should you be tied up doing tasks that you can easily outsource?

Hire me to take on those tasks that you find boring but are essential for the success of your business.

I can help with;

  • Data Entry

  • Inbox Management

  • Calendar Management

  • Creating Newsletters

  • Creating Workbooks or spreadsheets.

  • Social Media Management

  • Website Design/ Maintenance

  • Bookkeeping

  • Branding & Logo



Professional Solutions

As a business, it is all about the numbers and the numbers don’t lie!

  1. How many sales have been made?

  2. What were the costs incurred?

  3. Do the books have accurate records of inflow and outflow of funds from the business?

I can even help you understand how to price your goods or services so you have a better grasp on what the difference in your takings, expenditure, and what your actual profits are after everything has been correlated. If you do not enjoy bookkeeping as much as I do, you may not be seeing an area that needs to be addressed. 


Your business cannot survive without accurate records. Hire me to ensure that your books are in order and that every piece of data and dollar is well accounted for. 

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Social Media Management

Your business needs to remain social. Social media provides you with the chance to connect with your customers, keep them engaged, find new clients, and even market your services.

I understand that finding the time to manage your social media can be a challenge.

Many business owners just don’t know what to say and many business owners get stuck for new content ideas and of course, most owners hate promoting themselves.

Do you groan at the thought of having to sit down and think about hashtags or work out what you should be posting about?

With my help, we will partner to create effective content for your social media platforms, and a working strategy that will help to maximize the benefits you enjoy from using social media for your business.

Web Design & Maintenance

Jump Ahead of the Competition

Allow me to help you establish your online presence with a stunning website for your business. I will go the extra mile to ensure that your SEO is done correctly so that you are found on Google. There are various website packages that you can choose from.

I know websites can be the bane of a business owner's life. I can keep it simple but still effective so your website does the job it is supposed to do - And that is to get you more business!

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 A  Small Business In Brisbane Needs The Best Admin Solution

KPV bookkeeping and administration stands out above the rest.
With custom services that are designed to meet the diverse needs that businesses have!
I will create work systems that will work.
I will help you develop strategies that will soar your business while allowing you enough time to enjoy other activities in your life - like a night out with friends
Could you even dare think about having a holiday??
What if you knew that your business was being taken care of and you could take that well earned break!

Hire a VA - What Are You Waiting For?

Contact me today, and let’s get started!

You can handball me some of those tasks today and I can start to free up your time.
You can call me via 0408 877 791 or through the contact form below. 

Running your business at peak performance is my business.

Tell me about your business and I will create a customised solution for your business needs


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KPV Bookkeeping was highly recommended to me by a friend. Very happy. Great with advice, insightful and goes above and beyond. Friendly and personal service.

Lauren C



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