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I never thought it would be such a big thing for me. I always thought I would just get amongst it all and do it alone but then I met some truly AMAZING people. When I started my VA business, I was unsure of myself and my business and then I met Jasmine from LVL Up Consulting. We were both on maternity leave and starting businesses and we, both watched out businesses grow and spoke often about where we are at with our businesses. It was such a huge motivation for me!

It is incredibly amazing to be able to ask, “Hey, what do you think about this?” or “Do you think A would work better than B?” Sometimes we become consumed with our own thoughts and doubts that we freeze and don’t take action. This is what gave me the motivation to really drive my business to success.

I am not just an assistant I want to be a teammate. Entrepreneurship can feel a little lonely sometimes! I know you know! Not only can your VA get ALL. THE. THINGS. Done that you don’t have time for but they are your built in partner. Need someone to brainstorm with? A webinar buddy? HIRE A VA 😊


Investing in your business now with someone who cares about your business just as much as you do, because, our businesses are our babies right? A few things you can look forward to:

  • No more emails beginning with “Sorry it took me so long to get back to you..”

  • No more losing a client because you lost their inquiry

  • No more showing up for something on the wrong day


  • More social media posts

  • MORE engagement with clients and potential clients

  • MORE inquiries

  • MORE emails in your newly sorted and spotless inbox

  • MORE time


It’s something that no one likes to admit but no one can possibly know EVERY platform and system or the best way to complete every task BUT a virtual assistant will keep the momentum of your business flowing.

It is the simplest question of them all but a hard one to swallow – “Why didn’t you hire someone better than you to do that?”

This does not mean that a VA is better than you it does however mean that you are strengthening your weaknesses. They can teach you how to do it and you can learn from them and take this on yourself. As a VA, for me, I aim for excellence every time and no task is off limits.

Find someone to do the tasks that you hate and that is a waste of your time. Time IS money. Let a VA handle these things, in the end, everything will be handled better and in the most capable hands.

4. Organisation And System Set Ups

The one thing I hear most from people is that they hate their repetitive daily tasks and it takes them away from their creativity to grow their business.

Their businesses have remained stagnant for so long because they did not want to invest in it. There are so many time management systems and templates etc which are fantastic once they are set up but so many times I hear “I purchased this but I haven’t had time to set it up”.

These systems are great, but they don’t set themselves up. They make like better once they are in place. I worked with a client whom I simply helped with setting up an invoicing system, template and schedule and it made the WORLD of difference.

A VA can step in and take all your tasks and create a system that’s customised to your business.


Another question I hear often is “Why would I hire a virtual assistant? Wouldn’t I hire someone in house?” Let’s explore this a little

Hiring someone in-house:

  • Office space

  • Desk

  • New computer

  • Payroll

  • Super

  • They are there whether you have work or not

Working with a VA is the best of BOTH worlds. A VA takes care of their own technology and their own space and not in your space. It is like working right beside them without the awkwardness of them actually being right beside you. You might need to do a zoom meeting from time to time to keep each other updated on things.

Now think of all the things that you could do with an extra 10 hours a week? What does that look like for you?

  • Hello, DATE NIGHT!

  • Lunch with friends who you have had to cancel on cause your always too busy

  • Start that mastermind you have been thinking about

  • QUALITY Family time (where you are present and not trying to do just one more thing)


  • Time to breathe

This is life with a VA by your side.




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