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Updated: Sep 4

Entrepreneurship is challenging, rewarding, frightful, blissful, and, let’s face it, it can be lonely at times. An undertaking like starting your own business can spread you thin. With the right work processes it will reduce the need to have those sticky-notes plastered all over your computer, desk, floors, and the walls. BUT mastering those to-do lists is key if you want to succeed and I have just the tips you need if you find yourself consumed with what should be the simplest of tasks.

Templates are a MUST HAVE

You can literally do a simple web search and find so many freebie templates out there that you can download or have sent to you (yes you have to subscribe but you can always get your freebie and unsubscribe). And hey...freebies can always lead to more freebies.

Freebies can only get you so far though, eventually you’ll expand enough that you’ll have to start paying for the “flair” your brand needs (hint: branding is important to your success too). Creative Market is a go-to place for templates on welcome packs, e-books, client on-boarding, etc. and the price is small. Canva is another of my all time favourites where you can browse through logo, social media, and presentation templates. Super easy to create the content you need.

Once you have a good stockpile of templates (with your business style), the rest is easy-peasy. Think about it this way….would you rather have a go-to email template where you can simply change a few things around or would you rather re-type the same email over and over and over again? If you’re an avid Gmail user, check out their Canned Responses option!

Whatever you do, don’t let creating templates keep slipping through the cracks! You’re going to be swamped one day and say “UGH, I wish I didn’t have to type this whole thing up”! Schedule time in your calendar for templates

Automate using a CRM

Talk about a game changer! A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool helps you keep track of ALL new proposals, new inquiries, potential clients, invoices, etc. Think of it like a Roladex on steroids. Your life will never be the same.

Not only will it keep you organised, but you can customise templates with your branding…..see, I told you that would be important. Adding your brand to templates such as contracts, forms, invoices adds value to your company and lets people know you mean business.

And if all that isn’t cool enough, you can also create workflows in a CRM. Where else can you keep yourself organised, brand your own templates, AND create workflows all in one spot? When you’re ready to move to the next level, I highly suggest checking out Dubsado or Honeybook, you won’t be sorry.

Social Media Scheduler

“I just love wasting my time, staring at my computer screen, wondering what to post” said NO ONE EVER! Utilising a social media scheduler gives you back hours and hours of wasted time, hours you can put back into your business where they are truly needed. The only time you need is time to schedule those posts, one afternoon, BOOM. You’re done.


Hire a Social Media Manager. Since consistency is key, many businesses are opting for this option. They hand off the necessary information to the SMM and don’t have to think about it again, allowing them to focus on the bigger needs of the business. Many use programs like or, go ahead, check them out!


Ok! Now this one is obviously my favourite option and who hasn’t heard it before? Hire someone who can put all of this into place for you, it’s their job to know how to do it best.

If certain tasks overwhelm you, outsource it! The things that overwhelm you are the things that take you away from growing your business. A Virtual Assistant’s business is helping you grow yours!

Don't be stagnant in your business.. grow and grow quickly with a my best tip - Hire A Virtual Assistant!




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