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Businesses that go social make the most meaningful connections. If your business is lacking in this sphere, it is time you do something.

Hi, I’m Kara, and I’m here to help turn on your online presence by managing your business’s social media.

Over the years, a clear pattern in a brand's success is linked to their Social media marketing.
The brands that do well all have solid social media channels with clear objectives and content calendars. The "Spray And Pray" method does not work in marketing. You need to know what are your customers struggling with and how can YOU help them.


Social media needs to be different on each platform.

Instagram is very visual and creating a cohesive look is important
Facebook is more social and you can have business posts and more personal posts.
Linked in can be overlooked, but if you provide a B2B service - then regular posting on Linked in will generate more business.

I believe that as a business owner, you also want to succeed, and this is why the social media packages I offer will bring to life your success dream.

What you need to understand is that your prospective customers are actively using social media.
Your competitors are actively using social media marketing to stay ahead. The need to have a successfully managed social media presence is a necessary part of the business.

If done correctly, social media can bring in more leads than any other channel can. With my expertise in administration, I am going to put your business in the forefront.

With an excellent social media strategy and proper execution, you will be able to:

  • Attract more potential clients

  • Build meaningful relationships with customers

  • Manage your brand reputation which is critical for every business

  • Establish authority in your industry, which is one of the factors customers look for

In a nutshell, social media provides you with an opportunity to build relationships that will generate more revenue for your business.

Social Media Management And Digital Marketing

I understand that it can be somewhat challenging for you to run your social media marketing effectively. You may not have the time to do so, or the skills to maneuver this ever-changing platforms for your benefit.

Here’s what I bring on board

I Create Content That Is Unique

I know that creating content can be tough, but I have you covered. I will produce relevant content that your audience will relate with. All the posts will be customized to inform followers, engage, and provide a medium for them to contact your business.

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A Social Media Virtual Assistant Will Save You Time And Stress

Social media management, just like any other aspect of the business, requires one to invest their time. However, it is impossible to get all the time you need to complete all other tasks and then effectively focus on your social media. I have the tools and ways to save and steamline your work processes.

I will take complete care of your social media so that you can find time to focus on other areas. Reduced stress for you and increased productivity for your business. It’s a win-win partnership.

Your social media is in safe hands with KPV bookkeeping and administration.
Contact me today, and let’s discuss your business’s social status.



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